Hi there...

My name is Mifa Adejumo and if you are reading this, you came to to the right podcasting page. A little info about me that you should know is: I love podcasting, cliche as that may sound and more than anything, I love having a decent chat.

The U & I Podcast was birthed out of the need to channel my thoughts and ideas through a medium that was not only writing and podcasting was the next best thing. As the description on the homepage states, this is a society and culture podcast with an inkling for telling ordinary stories or experiences and finding the lessons in them. 

I want U and I to have a conversation. I also want U and I to laugh about random stuff. I want to share my thoughts and ideas with U; and I also allow you to do the same. And at the end of it all, I want U and I to have an experience worth smiling about.